Reel 2016

A collection of my work from the last couple of years.

Music: Ellen Allien & Apparat - Metric

00:00 Intro - Direction, Design, Animation
00:08 Adidas Ace & X - Edit, Post Production, Assistant DOP
00:16 Nike Dome - Design, Animation
00:18 Nvidia Titan X - Design, Animation
00:21 Nvidia GTX 980 - Design, Animation
00:24 Plume - Design, Animation
00:25 Magic Lens - Direction, Design, Animation
00:27 Jaguar F-Pace - Car wrap design
00:30 Philips Ambilight - Design, Animation
00:35 Collision - Design, CG & Animation
00:41 Cole Haan - Title Design, Animation
00:45 Bananas - Direction, Design, Animation
00:49 Design Starts Here - Direction, Design, Animation
00:52 - Design, Animation
00:57 Logo Animation - Design, Animation

More Projects

Logo Animation
Animation, Computer Animation, Motion Graphics
Magic Lens
Cinematography, Directing, Visual Effects
Mission Active
Art Direction, Digital Art, Fashion
Cole Haan
Motion Graphics, Animation, Computer Animation
Adidas Ace & X
Computer Animation, Film, Motion Graphics
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Animation
Collision - Teaser
Film, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Design Starts Here
Cinematography, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Digital Art, Graphic Design
Philips Ambilight
Animation, Game Design, Motion Graphics