Reel 2016

A collection of my work from the last couple of years.

Music: Ellen Allien & Apparat - Metric

00:00 Intro - Direction, Design, Animation
00:08 Adidas Ace & X - Edit, Post Production, Assistant DOP
00:16 Nike Dome - Design, Animation
00:18 Nvidia Titan X - Design, Animation
00:21 Nvidia GTX 980 - Design, Animation
00:24 Plume - Design, Animation
00:25 Magic Lens - Direction, Design, Animation
00:27 Jaguar F-Pace - Car wrap design
00:30 Philips Ambilight - Design, Animation
00:35 Collision - Design, CG & Animation
00:41 Cole Haan - Title Design, Animation
00:45 Bananas - Direction, Design, Animation
00:49 Design Starts Here - Direction, Design, Animation
00:52 - Design, Animation
00:57 Logo Animation - Design, Animation

More Projects

Design Starts Here
Cinematography, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Nvidia GTX 980
Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Adidas Ace & X
Computer Animation, Film, Motion Graphics
Nike Dome
Advertising, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Collision - Teaser
Film, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Philips Ambilight
Animation, Game Design, Motion Graphics
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Animation
Magic Lens
Cinematography, Directing, Visual Effects
Nvidia Titan X
Animation, Computer Animation, Motion Graphics
Digital Art, Graphic Design